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Baby shoes

22 August 2018
Baby shoes

When your baby is learning to walk, he’ll find it easier if he has bare feet as often as possible. If it’s really chilly, you can try non-slip socks...

Choosing baby clothes

22 August 2018
Choosing baby clothes

Babies grow out of clothes very quickly, so you don’t need to buy lots of any one item. For daytime baby clothes, try to buy or borrow things that ar...

Tips for dressing your newborn

22 August 2018
Tips for dressing your newborn

Avoid clothes that wrap around your baby's neck too tightly and those that have cords or ties. Check buttons, ribbons, and decorative items to make s...

Sirius Wall Bookcase - white light solid

Code: BW-4446
Price: $35
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This bookcase which is mounted on the children's bedroom wall gives a pleasant touch to the decor and, apart from being really practical, is also perfect to store books, fluffy toys and collector's items


Length 60 x height 23 x depth 20 cm

  • Wood fibreboard finished with matte paint, smooth touch
  • Choice of 2 colours: white or grey
  • Rounded side guards with star-shaped openings


  • Self-assembly.
  • To mount on the wall using brackets adapted to your type of wall
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