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TheyLetherRaiseChildren was founded  with a vision of building the best online store for children's clothing. Our goal is to inspire our customers by offering an exclusive shopping experience and excellent customer service with the best mixture of well-known and high-quality brands. Our product assortment is comprised of baby and children's clothes, shoes, toys, car seats, maternity clothes, accessories and much more for ages 0-10.

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Baby shoes

22 August 2018

When your baby is learning to walk, he’ll find it easier if he has bare feet as often as possible. If it’s really chilly, you can try non-slip socks or soft leather slippers that double as a first pa...

Choosing baby clothes

22 August 2018

Babies grow out of clothes very quickly, so you don’t need to buy lots of any one item. For daytime baby clothes, try to buy or borrow things that are slightly too large, because your baby will get m...

Tips for dressing your newborn

22 August 2018

Avoid clothes that wrap around your baby's neck too tightly and those that have cords or ties. Check buttons, ribbons, and decorative items to make sure they're on securely – if they come off, they'r...

Baby Clothes at Very

22 August 2018

It's no secret that after giving birth, things can get just a little bit hectic. Suddenly there are night-time feeds, early wake-up calls and endless outfit changes for both parent and baby! At Very,...